3900 N. Ocean Drive
Lauderdale By The Sea,
Florida 33308 


Lobby Desk

& Garage Valet

Dining Room

Barry Miske

Jennifer Donnelly
Property Manager

Gloria Thompson
Office Manager 

Apartments are among the largest in the Lauderdale/Pompano beachfront area.  Sizes range from approximately. 1,400+ for 1-bedroom to approximately 2,300+ for 3-bedroom.

These diagrams are pre-construction drawings from builder's designs, and differ slightly from final dimensions, most notably closet area designs. Subsequent update/redesign modifications also have been made by owners to individual apartments since these original plans were published.

Many balconies have been enclosed and integrated within the interior rooms, either as original purchase options or as subsequent modifications.

Square footages as marked are approximate and are not certified.

On the Ground Floor there is a new Fitness Room, 2 Guest Suites, 6 Maids rooms, the Parking Garage and owner apartments C and D.

On the Lobby Level you will find the Management Office, a two bedroom Guest Suite, Computer Room, Board Room and Library, Private Dining Room, Main Dining Room, the Lounge and owner apartments A - E.



Individual Apartments Typical Floor Plans & Description

 Apt. A/H typical floor plan (A shown, H is reverse mirror image): 3 bedroom, approx. 2,340 sq. ft. Balcony faces east/ocean. Four-directional vistas with wide views to ocean and mainland. Among the largest oceanfront apartments in the Lauderdale/Pompano oceanfront area. A/H apartments are shown on illustration above left at left/right ends of the building.


Apt. B typical floor plan: 2 bedroom, approx. 2,000 sq. ft., northeast balcony view of ocean and unobstructed north beach to Anglin pier. Large master bedroom suite, spacious trapezoidal living/dining area, eat-in kitchen. Largest of 2-bedroom floor plans. Main entry door opposite hall window views to North Lauderdale business district.


Apt. C typical floor plan: 2 bedroom approx. 1,940 sq. ft., northeast exposure, balcony view to ocean and northeast beachfront to Anglin pier. Large trapezoidal living/dining area. Large master & guest bedrooms.


Apt. D/E typical floor plan (E shown, D is reverse mirror image): 2 bedroom approx. 1,970 sq. ft. with balcony and dining areas facing ocean/beach and with vistas up and down beach, large living room with beach vistas, large master & guest bedrooms.


Apt. F typical floor plan: 2 bedroom, approx. 1,860 sq. ft. with balcony overlooking Fountainhead pool/patio area and beach/ocean. Large trapezoidal living/dining area, large guest bedroom and private master suite area.


Apt. G typical floor plan: 1 bedroom/ 1.5 bath approx. 1,450 sq. ft., as large or larger than most 2-bedroom apartments in Lauderdale/Pompano beachfront areas. Spacious asymmetrical living/dining room area facing Atlantic Ocean and overlooking Fountainhead patio/pool area. Kitchen with breakfast niche, large bedroom suite, laundry area and entrance foyer.